Here are some of my paper packs. These were also created to act as prizes for challenge winners at CRAFT Challenge when I act as sponsor, as well as for my own use obviously.

5 Shades of Grey Christmas papers 1

5 Shades of Grey Christmas papers 2

5 Shades of Grey Sophisticated papers

A Scottish Loch

At the Seaside papers

Baby Boy 1 Papers

Baby Boy 2 Papers

Baby Girl 1 Papers

Baby Girl 2 Papers

Balloon Inspiration Papers

Birthday Bear Green papers

Birthday Bear Pink papers

Birthday Bear Silver papers

Blue Christmas Papers

Blue Hues Papers

Blue and Pink Papers

Blue New Year Papers

Brown, Aqua and Pink papers 1

Brown, Aqua and Pink papers 2

Brown Christmas papers 1

Brown Christmas papers 2

Christmas 2011 Papers

Christmas Colours Papers

Christmas Warmer Papers

Easter Egg Papers

Grey Winter's Day papers 1

Grey Winter's Day papers 2

Grey Winter's Day papers 3

Kitty Cat Love papers

Muted Flowers Papers

Pink Christmas Papers 1

Pink Christmas Papers 2

Pink Christmas Papers 3

Red Chocolate Caramel Papers

Scottish Castle papers

Some Bunny Loves You Papers

Sporty Girl Kids Papers Bumper Pack

Sporty Male Papers

Sporty Male Kids Papers Bumper Pack

Teddy Bear Couple papers

The Wild Country papers

Valentines Day 1 Papers

Valentines Day 2013 Papers

Pack A

Pack B

Pack C

Pack D

Pack E


  1. These are great Jo, do you use PhotoShop? I'd love to know how you do it!!

  2. I am looking for some paper like your Scottish Castle..please tell me where I can find it to purchase...
    Thank you
    Sharon Olson

    1. Hi Sharon, my papers are not for sale. I only use them as prizes (so entering one of my challenges with one of my freebies, could land you them). Also, hang on and I might put some of these papers up as freebies next.



  3. Love your work, but can't figure how to buy the non particular the paper packs. HELP

  4. Love your work, but can't figure how to buy the non particular the paper packs. HELP


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