My 3D sheets

Here you can find some of my 3D sheets. I designed these using my own papers and my own photo's and royalty free photo's. They were also created to act as prizes for challenge winners at CRAFT Challenge when I act as a sponsor, as well as for my own use obviously. As you can see I'm still building this as I am creating more of them.

Tiger 3D decoupage card topper

Blue Pansy Butterfly 3D decoupage topper

Butterfly 3D Decoupage Topper 2

Butterfly 3D Decoupage Topper 3

Butterfly 3D Decoupage topper 4

Daffodil 3D decoupage topper

Flower 1 decoupage card topper

Orchid decoupage 1 card topper

Rose 3D decoupage topper


  1. Very nice....wished I would have seen these when they were freebies.

  2. Oh Me too!!! Love the tiger!
    Nana April


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