Friday, 9 November 2012

Another draw of my followers.

Yes, I know I missed 45 followers for a few days. I'm afraid the internet wasn't playing and did not allow me to check who had joined my group of followers. Finally managed to find out, yeah!

Welcome to the new follower.

Well here is the current list of followers:

1 Trimgym
2 rose2909
3 Kym's Crafty Cards
4 lalkygirl
5 Crafty_Fairie
6 sandra's crafty corner
7 Misty's Mum
8 Sammibug
9 Aunty Sue's Craft Cavern
10 Whemay
11 Leslie Turner
12 Sheryl Hare
13 Ineke
14 bridgetcurnow
15 MichelleJM
16 Charlene
17 Lyn Norton
18 Ardilla
19 Pysseltokarna
20 Sue
21 Annie Anya
22 Cleah
23 BreAnn McFarland
24 Linda W.
25 Victoria McGuckin
26 Michaela
27 susiemills
28 Suze
29 Cyndybr
30 Betty Wood
31 scrapunzel1
32 eileenevans763@gma
33 Deanne Clarke-Saunders
34 Nancy Y
35 Ann
36 Linda
37 Julia Vazquez
38 Helen
39 Dr. Jaya
40 Angela Davis
41 Made by Mandy
43 VozSefarad
44 Lori Raines
45 aussie annie

And this is what Mr pulled out of the hat this time:

As you can see that is Michaela. So, please contact me with your choice of digi from my blog and I will send it to you.

The next draw will be at 50 followers (3 digis, 2 easel cards or 1 paper pack of choice and a freebie extra for all).

Have a good weekend!




  1. Oh WOW, how lucky am I? Thank you very much "Mr Random". Also thank you,Jo for your amazing talent with your artwork. I can't even draw a straight so appreciate talent like yours very much.
    Michaela xx

  2. Don't forget your newsletter sign ups. We are followers too, and have opted, because we trust your site, for the more personal option of receiving your blog news in e-mail format.

  3. Thank you for that out Stephanie. I was not aware I had access to that list, but after checking it out, I notice I actually do have. I will include that in the next draw, which means there probably should be another draw fairly soon. I'll have to do some researching to see where there are duplications and seeing what I can do to keep everyone's private details private as well. Next draw (or draws) will follow as soon as I have checked this all out.



    1. that should be 'pointing that out', lol. Just re-read my reply and it didn't make a lot of sense.



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