Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Special Freebie 5th of January 2014.

Morning all,

Another Sunday, another freebie. The first Sunday Special Freebie for 2014!

I hope you have all enjoyed the festive season and I hope 2014 will be a fabulous year for all of you. As last year, I'm planning to continue with 3 days of freebies every week. These as before will be:

  • The 'Thursday Freebie'
  • The 'A Sentiment for the Saturday'
  • The 'Sunday Special Freebie'
Other good intentions (craft wise) for the next year are:

  • to try to create at least one new stamp every week
  • to try to create at least one new paper pack every month
  • to get my website up and running properly, so you possibly could even buy some of my products in the future. Please bear with me for this one, it's quite a big task for someone who also has a full time job to contend with.
  • and of course most importantly: to continue to have fun doing all this!
So, now to the first Sunday Special Freebie of 2014, hope you like it. For those of you who already managed to put their hands on the star easel card templates, an envelope to go with them. The envelopes need to be printed on A4 paper, cut out and then stuck together. I created these to have some envelopes to use for the easel cards I already had ready for sending last year.

If you open the file in a image editor, you could even fill in the address section of the envelope before printing. Enjoy!

Envelope 1
(for Star Easel card 1 as shown below)

Sorry, this no longer is a freebie!
Please check more recent posts

for current Freebies!

Envelope 2
(to fit Star Easel card 2 as shown below)

Sorry, this no longer is a freebie!
Please check more recent posts

for current Freebies!

If anyone has any suggestions of what they would like to see as a freebie, feel free to add it to your comment. Who knows, I may use your suggestion! 

Don't forget my little rules if you grab it:

  • Please leave my signature on when using it
  • Do not claim as your own
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Leave a comment when grabbing her, it motivates me to continue to put some up
  • If you would like to share, please direct people to my blog instead.
Thank you for looking, all comments very welcome and much appreciated.

Also don't forget my challenge this month! I would love to see you there!




  1. Happy New Year Jo to you and yours. Sorry I missed your star card, looks like a cute card. Just got a new computer with windows 8 UGH!!!. Driving me crazy, don't know if I got a odd one or if it's me, but things disappear and close on me.
    Guess we'll see how it works out. Anyway enough complaining from me, appreciate all of your adorable digis, thanks again.


    Wishing You Butterfly Mornings
    And Wildflower Afternoons........

  2. These are so neat - thank you, Jo!


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