Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Another freebie to celebrate the new Dutch King.

Morning all,

I thought this might be quite an appropriate one to put on as a freebie again in celebration of the crowning of Willem Alexander yesterday. He took the thrown from his mother yesterday. So, here is a crown card template to celebrate and fit in with this. Some of you may already have seen it as a freebie previously, but I thought it was quite fitting to the circumstances. So, here it is again.

Crown card template (gold)

Sorry, this no longer is a freebie!
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Thank you for looking, all comments very welcome and much appreciated. As always, I'm happy to see what I can do with your suggestions. I will try to come up with something 'For the boys' in the near future as well. I wonder what age we are actually looking at. A 5-year old fancies other things than a 15 year old. Maybe I just need to come up with a few things.

Have a good week, back to work for me now (where I am at the moment, lol)



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  1. Thanks Jo. If it is a help, my boy is a 15 year old. Mind you, in saying that mine is into owls, foxes, swimming and brass music so not your typical teenager.


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