Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Thank You to Stephanie.

I'm sure you will all agree we need to thank Stephanie for pointing something out. Yes, my list of followers has grown to 47 today, but I have totally missed out the e-mail subscribers. I was actually not aware that I had access to your e-mail addresses. I now only have one little problem. Some of the subscriptions may be from people who also have registered as a follower. I have checked both lists as much as I'm possible to find out any duplications. This is however not an easy task. Some of you may have an e-mail address not listed on your blogs or the names on e-mail and google profile may not match. I hope I have as little in the way of duplications as possible, but can't guarantee that there is not someone in this list twice.

So, here is an updated list including the subscriptions. For privacy reasons, I have left the @whatever.mail out from the e-mail addresses. I would not like it if you would receive spam just because I put your e-mail address up.

1 Trimgym
2 rose2909
3 Kym's Crafty Cards
4 lalkygirl
5 Crafty_Fairie
6 sandra's crafty corner
7 Misty's Mum
8 Sammibug
9 Aunty Sue's Craft Cavern
10 Whemay
11 Leslie Turner
12 Sheryl Hare
13 Ineke
14 bridgetcurnow
15 MichelleJM
16 Charlene
17 Lyn Norton
18 Ardilla
19 Pysseltokarna
20 Sue
21 Annie Anya
22 Cleah
23 BreAnn McFarland
24 Linda W.
25 Victoria McGuckin
26 Michaela
27 susiemills
28 Suze
29 Cyndybr
30 Betty Wood
31 scrapunzel1
32 eileenevans763
33 Deanne Clarke-Saunders
34 Nancy Y
35 Ann
36 Linda
37 Julia Vazquez
38 Helen
39 Dr. Jaya
40 Angela Davis
41 Made by Mandy
43 VozSefarad
44 Lori Raines
45 aussie annie
46 tracy
47 Ellie Lewis
48 T-bear2001
49 bjperr2
50 catieoh
51 craftgal007727
52 daizeefli
53 debbiehillis
54 joanne
55 kalkeen
56 lraines78
57 moloney14
58 nduseason
59 raghavenraveerappa
60 rogerandeileen
61 snowbird
62 stephanie.lewsy
63 Decosse's Dynamite Doodles
64 yankandtex

As you can see there are now 64 followers (or about that number if any duplications).

That means the following:

  • 50 followers is reached, which means 1 draw (3 digis, 2 easel card sheets or 1 paper pack of choice) and 1 freebie extra on my blog.
  • 60 followers reached, which means 1 draw (1 digi of choice)
  • a next draw will be at 70 followers (2 digis or 1 easel card sheet of choice)
  • at 75 followers there will be another draw (3 digis, 2 easel card sheets or 1 paper pack of choice) and 1 freebie extra on my blog.
So, thanks to Stephanie, there will be 2 draws today and a freebie. Good luck!

So, here is the draw for 50 followers:

Number 39, which is Dr. Jaya, congratulations!

Please contact me to let me know your choice of either 3 digi's, or 2 easel card sheets or 1 paper pack of your choice from my blog and I will send it to you.

Time for the second draw for 60 followers:

Which, as you can see is Ineke, congratulations Ineke, please contact me with your choice of digi from my blog and I will send it to you!

And here is the freebie for you all:

A Christmas easel card to get you a head start on your Christmas cards this year. Just cut out, fold, layer, add sentiment you want and an image of your choice and you are done. Hope you like, this is sheet 2 of this series.

Sorry, this no longer is a freebie!
Check more recent posts for current

 Don't forget my little rules if you grab it:

  • Please leave my signature on when using it
  • Do not claim as your own
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Leave a comment when grabbing her, it motivates me to continue to put some up
  • If you would like to share, please direct people to my blog instead.
Thank you for looking, all comments very welcome and much appreciated.

Also don't forget my Christmas card challenge this month! I would love to see you there!



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